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Testing of systems

IZYTRONIQ enables the acquisition of electrical systems via tree structure as well as …

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Testing of machines

The complex structure of modern production machines requires a multitude of …

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Testing of devices

No matter whether testing after repair, initial or periodic testing - IZYTRONIQ offers you …

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Testing of medical devices

To ensure that medical devices function safely and fully when it is needed …

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Retrofittable software that grows with your tasks

IZYTRONIQ is available in different versions for different requirements as business, enterprise and education version. If the requirements to be met by the test management system grow, IZYTRONIQ can be extended later at your discretion. The valuable test data is retained in full when the variants are upgraded.

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Audit-proof test documentation

IZYTRONIQ is a newly developed testing software, with which the entire testing process can be mapped, managed and documented in an audit-proof manner across all devices. For the first time, measurement and test data from different test instruments and multimeters can be combined in one test and documented.

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IZYTRONIQ revolutionizes the handling of your test technology

IZYTRONIQ not only recognizes and manages connected test devices automatically, but also queries the available functional range of the devices. Thanks to intelligent test data import and export between IZYTRONIQ and test instrument, the synchronization of the memory structures and measured values is extremely simplified and possible data conflicts are avoided in advance.

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Tests are quickly documented

IZYTRONIQ is optimized for stationary as well as mobile use and enables a practical data acquisition and test documentation on site. This completely eliminates the need for downstream and time-consuming test documentation.

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Intuitive operation, comprehensible and simple

Acquire complex tests and structures in a simple and quick manner - the user interface of IZYTRONIQ has been designed with this premise in mind. By intelligently selecting and hiding tools and work areas, the user is only offered the options for action that make sense for the respective interaction. This is supported by the groundbreaking design with meaningful icons and by the representation of complex database contexts in simple tree structures.

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Variants for every APPLICATION

The IZYTRONIQ is available in 7 different versions, which offer the user a solution tailored to his requirements. If the requirements grow, an upgrade is possible.

Single user license


Available in 3 versions:

Business Starter
Business Advanced
Business Professional

Training license


Available in 2 versions:

Education Professional
Education Premium

Online Storage


IZYTRONIQ Cloud Moduls:

VIZIONIQ Dashboard
ELEXONIQ Inventory App