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Cloud computing is probably the most important technological development of recent years. The world is becoming digital, data is no longer stored locally but in the cloud. But what are the advantages of cloud computing for test and measurement applications? Entering the modern world of cloud computing is easy.

With the GMC-INSTRUMENTS CLOUD we offer you a platform solution to work more efficient, easier and more secure. The necessary IT infrastructure is provided via a computer network with different applications. Instead of a high initial investment and complex setup of the necessary server landscapes, the services are immediately available as a package for a monthly usage fee.

As a user, you can use the portal to GMC-INSTRUMENTS CLOUD can conveniently book services online at any time of day, 365 days a year, or add further users and functions. Security is very important to us.

For this reason, a special focus was placed on data protection and data security during the conception and implementation phase. The GMC-INSTRUMENTS GROUP relies on the use of European server landscapes. All our data is stored in data centers with the highest security standards. With regard to contract and payment processing, we work together with companies based in Germany and guarantee that we handle your data carefully and in accordance with German law. All connections between the individual services are of course SSL-encrypted and secured.

For further information go to the GMC-Instruments Cloud-Portal.


With the IZYTRONIQ CLOUD COLLECTION, you get a perfect match components, which form a structure and are adapted to the standard-compliant performance of tests and their documentation. The creation of regulated inspection structures is necessary for companies on the basis of the employer responsibility required by law.

IZYTRONIQ CLOUD COLLECTION simplifies the setup of a court proof test organisation and the work in the testing team with a attractive pricing. You have access to your data from everywhere, independently from your geographical location.


Features & Benefits IZYTRONIQ CLOUD Collection.

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Moduls of IZYTRONIQ Cloud Colletcion

With its IZYTRONIQ, ELEXONIQ and VIZIONIQ modules, the Cloud Collection covers the latest requirements for a modern, future-proof and expandable testing organization. Measurement and test data from different devices can easily be combined into one test, retrieved at any time via mobile devices and made accessible to customers with graduated access rights.

IzytronIQ Cloud Premium

IZYTRONIQ PREMIUM CLOUD is installed locally on notebook, Surface (x64, x86)* or Windows desktop computer and supports the full range of functions.

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*ARM processors are not supported.

ElexonIQ Inventory App

The app extends the possibilities of inventory to all available platforms Vizioniq Dashboard

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Vizioniq Dashboard

The VIZIONIQ DASHBOARD provides browser-based access to the customer data

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Quick and easy recording of complex structures and tests


  • 1 Cloud User
  • 1 GB Cloud memory
  • 5 VIZIONIQ Customer accounts

Subscription costs per month depending on the duration:

Duration Costs for the 1st user each additional user
6 Month 64,99€* 19,99€*
12 Month 54,99€*
24 Month 44,99€*

Add-on options:

Options Costs per month
10 GB Memory 2,99€*
20 GB Memory 4,99€*
50 GB Memory 9,99€*
Each additional VIZIONIQ customer account 1,99€*
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