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The EDUCATION variants contain an exclusive right of use for use in the area of training and further education.

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  • Stationary objects (machine & plant)
  • Mobile objects (devices & medical devices)
  • Tree structure for machine and plant
  • Tree structure for devices and medical devices
  • Tree structure for locations (property, building, level & room)
  • Test equipment management
  • User administration
  • Push / Print function
  • Sequence management + Sequence editor
  • Catalog management and editing
  • List generator (pdf, Excel)
  • Red/green evaluation of the tests
  • Import of memory structure, catalogues and sequences & measurements from test device
  • Export of memory structure, catalogs and sequences to the tester
  • Data import & export of memory structure, catalogs and sequences from XML file
  • Data import & export master data of mobile objects from CSV file
  • Extended protocol templates
  • Individual protocol template creation with Microsoft Word
  • Company logo can be integrated into the log
  • Scanned signature can be integrated into the protocol
  • Audit-proof PDFs with checksum of protocol contents as QR code
  • Protocols can be saved as PDF and Microsoft Word documents
  • Barcode generator direct with Brother P-Touch printer (accessory)
  • PROFISCAN Barcode List Generator Code 128
  • Remote function
  • Manual input of measured values
  • Images/photos can be integrated in test reports
  • Document management (attachments as Word, Excel, PDF documents or photos and images)
  • MULTI changes
  • Dashboard function on the home screen
  • Quick links
  • Analysis and trend development of similar tests of an object
  • Comprehensive statistics with percentage failure rate as PDF printout
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In addition to EDUCATION Professional

  • Roles & rights management for users
  • Mask Designer & Data Field Editor to customize the application

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